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The Collector



"The Collector" is an action comedy that follows the ups and downs of the unpredictable yet exciting job of a debt collector! Sunny Pang 冯推守 (大英雄•小男人/Petaling Street Warriors), plays the role of a seasoned "ah long" who has never failed at a job.

But when a fortune teller reveals that his job will cost him his life unless he does something good, Sunny is determined to do anything he can to change his fate and save his life.

Caught between having to carry out his vicious day-job and his attempts to do good, what follows can only be the strangest, funniest and most unexpected adventure an 'ah long' will ever have.


某天,他遇到一个让他人生开始走向另一个转折点的算命师!算命先生帮他批名,说他若继¬续无良地收烂账,他将会遭恶报并有可能会因此丧命。若他要逃过这一劫,他必须要做好事¬为自己积德。为了能挽救自己的命,他决定要尽力做好事,但是同时他还是一个收账佬,到¬底一个要做好事的收账佬,将通过什么方法收账?他的人生是否会有所改变?他是否可以逃¬过一劫呢? 此电影的内容将让观众看到收账佬以不同层面的桥段去表达他们最写实的一面。