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Greedy Ghost



Whilst at his workplace (a funeral parlour), Lim (Kang Jing Rong) discovers a mysterious book that is wordless, but, though, has a "Book Spirit" (Mark Lee) in it, who decides to gives him winning lottery numbers and financial advice. The winnings at first are meager, and are soon quickly depleted as Lim shares them with his two chums, Ah Nam (Brendan Yuan) and Lao Hui (Henry Thia), both of whom excavate bones from old graves for a living.

Not wanting to turn from sudden riches to rags, Lim quickly approaches the Book Spirit once more. The spirit cautions Lim and warns him to think first, for there would be consequences, should he want to strike big. Overwhelmed by the thought of the vast fortune he would receive, Lim agrees to pay the price for his riches, although uncertain of what it would be.

As Lim's life gets better and more lavish, he also becomes increasingly dependent on the Book Spirit, seeking its advice in everything. Soon, the Book Spirit reveals the price for which Lim has to pay for all his acquired riches... his life! It is only with Lim’s demise that he can be the next Book Spirit, thus liberating the current Book Spirit. Little does Lim expect, the richer he gets, the closer he is to his death...

At the same time, Nam steals some valuables he finds in a coffin so as to satisfy his cravings to gamble, albeit Hui trying to persuade him not to.

Strange incidents start to happen following that. A vengeful spirit begins to haunt Nam and Hui, causing them much distress…



小林漸漸擺脫貧困的生活,但也開始依賴'書靈',一旦遇到抉擇,就要­'書靈'幫忙決定......但也就在這時候,'書靈­9;終於揭曉小林必須付出什麽代價——死! 只有死,小林才可以成為《無字天書》的下一任'書靈',也只有這樣,­現任'書靈'才能獲得解脫!而且,小林從'書靈'身­上得到越多財富,自己的陽壽就會越來越短!

這時貪心、嗜賭的阿楠起了歪念。他竟然把自己負責處理的一個墳墓裏的陪葬寶貝全部占為­己有,並套現大筆現款!雖然老輝有極力阻止,可是被貪念蒙蔽的阿楠選擇一意孤行。 隨後,怪事接連發生。不但,罪魁禍首的阿楠頻遇上幽靈的騷擾,連本來極力反對阿楠盜墓­的老輝也遭殃...