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Chi-Ho (Kim Woo-Bin), Dong-Woo (Lee Jun-Ho) and Gyung-Jae (Kang Ha-Neul) have been best friends since high school. Now, they are all 20-year-olds. The story begins after the three graduate high school.

Chi-ho, a handsome, clumsy, optimistic “player” who is only interested in bedding the next woman he meets, does not go to college. His day begins with him doing completely nothing and ends with him seducing girls from clubs. His parents are furious with him because he doesn’t have a plan in life but Chi-ho isn’t fazed. He randomly meets a budding actress during a car accident and after falling in love with her, he begins to search for his direction in life.

Kyung-jae, the smartest out of the three, is accepted into a respectable college and enjoys freshman life. He meets the girl of his dreams during freshman initiation and falls head over heels for her. However, Kyung-jae’s shy personality hinders him from expressing his true feelings for her.

Dong-woo’s dream is becoming a cartoonist but after his father files for bankruptcy during high school, he skips college and is forced to work part-time to provide for his family. He struggles with pursuing his dream, working part-time for petty cash, and finding the right girl. The movie provides an honest but humorous depiction of the struggles of adolescence.




东宇,为了漫画家的梦想而毫不停歇地做着准备,生活能力超强的复读生。父亲生意上的失败迫使东宇不得已把学业与恋爱搁置一旁,担起父职独自奋斗,但存折余额却一直不足。梦想是奢侈的,在饥饿的现实面前,他不得不低头。 故事以诚实并幽默的方式讲述这个充满不确定性却拥有无限可能性的年纪-20岁。