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The Noise



Le Ren moves into an old house located suburbs with his lovely girlfriend, Min Min, however, Le Ren not aware that this house would one day becomes his nightmare...He discovers a mysterious box and he often hears some low, muffled sounds from nowhere in the house, he thinks it might be the sequels of the car accident which happened to him 3 months ago.


One day, Le Ren hears a knocking sound from inside the cupboard, he is shock to meet the dumb kid (ghost) that lives in the house. Le Ren is mentally suffer and figured out a way to vanish the boy, however Min Min stopped him at last. On the other hand, Le Ren's sister Le Juan is contacted by the hospital, it turns out that Le Ren is actually still in coma after the car accident 3 months ago. In order to save her brother, Le Juan finds the house follow the step and reach to their new house. She suddenly realise the secret between her beloved brother and Min Min…

乐仁和相交多年的女友敏敏搬进市区外的一所老房子,但他還沒發現这所老房子却成了乐仁的恶梦….他開始隐约听见老房子传来各种各样的怪声音, 初时他误以为这是三个月前发生的车祸后遗症,但其实背后隐藏着更可怕的事实。

某天,他听见橱柜里发出敲打声,打开后发现一个哑口无言的小孩(鬼)。 他顿时被屋子诡异且神秘的气氛紧紧包圍,終於乐仁好不容易终于找到方法消灭小鬼,关键时刻却被敏敏阻止。另一邊廂,乐仁的姐姐乐娟来到医院, 被告之弟弟情况危急,原来三个月前发生车祸以后,乐仁就一直昏迷不醒。无助的乐娟带来了一位灵媒,并在他指点下需要尽快集齐弟弟的魂魄!乐娟来到两人的房子,并发现了乐仁和敏敏之间的秘密…