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All You Need is Love

落跑吧 愛情


Ye Fen Fen (starring by Shu Qi) is a typical uptown girl who wants to escape from her family and fiancé; she wanted a life with freedom. Fen Fen schedules herself a perfect seaside villa at Penghu through the internet and she departs with much of expectation and imagination of the places. However, she doesn't get to stay in the expected villa but a shabby hostel which is operated by Ah Wu (Richie Ren). A picky rich princess, a casual island man, two people with different personalities has unfolded a love story that combines so much comedy and embarrassment.

While other love story emphasis on sorrow moment, tells a unique and adventurous movie about runaway romance which took place in Penghu. This movie carries a very romantic vow: “I would give up on everything just to be with you.” Love doesn’t mean that one should compromise to another half and suffer alone. Richie Ren believes everyone tend to run away from such a difficult situation, is trying to resonance the feeling within us, the crazy thing we did in the name of love.

Love needs no waiting, but the courage to adventure. has brought a uptown girl from her comfort place to a lovely island Penghu, when Shu Qi was asked about run-away, she reveal that she once escaped from Taiwan to Hong Kong from an admirer, this has become the reality version of the movie theme. After her stories, Richie Ren and Jiu Kong also further expose their runaway experience, which has created some uproar among listeners.