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Lost In The Pacific



A brand new luxurious jumbo jet A388 suffers an accident when it is traveling from Rio to Hong Kong as its maiden flight of this distant Airline. It is forced to land on the ‘no man’s land’ -- Good Luck Island.

The flight crew and all the passengers including the prince, pop star, and journalist are driven into the waves of danger. Along with the emergence of two mysterious gunmen, the fate of the airplane is tightly connected with a mysterious aircraft carrier wandering in the Pacific……


这部集“科幻、灾难、怪兽、爱情”四大元素的大卡司制作从类型片的角度上来说,可谓是开辟了一种新的融合体验。在亚洲最大的好莱坞拍摄基地Pinewood Malaysia Studio打造1:1机舱的拍摄尚数首次。