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Sleep Curse



During Japan's wartime occupation of Hong Kong in 1941-1945, a young translator's collaboration with the enemy results in his life being cursed by a murdered "comfort woman" forced to become a sex slave.

Forty-five years later, the man's sins come back to haunt his son, a professor specializing in sleeping disorders, when the lady's ghost returns for vengeance.

香港日佔时期(1941 - 1945),曾在日本长大的林醒为了保护家人,在日本佔领军所建立的慰安所替日本人当翻译,因此被视为汉奸。 在慰安所里,林醒见到不少妇女被强姦,他虽不忍心,但却没勇气和能力拯救她们,内心充满负罪感。