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Perfect Rivals



“PERFECT RIVALS” revolves around two rival bak kwa (BBQ meat)–selling families. Once lovers, but now enemies.On the street where the smell of barbeque meat lingers and two feuding families competes for business.

Chen Hao and Mei Mei are two rivals who constantly scheme to get the better of the other in their business. To win in the next bak gua competition, Mei Mei sent her daughter as a spy to steal Chen Hao’s secret recipe.

In this war of the sexes; of old versus new; will the men of tradition triumph or the high-powered tech-savvy women? Who will be crowned the next King of Bak Kwa? PERFECT RIVALS is a sweet and hilarious tale of love, family and the delightful barbeque meat.

One that is bound to warm your hearts and get you into laughing in stitches!

《好汉肉干》与《美味肉干》是两家敌对的肉干店。两间店并肩竖立,每天开战抢顾客。《好汉肉干》是由粗人陈好和家人经营的小本生意。陈好每天与儿子们一起烤制肉干,一家人每天一开口就 吵架,厨房的空气充满火药味。

《美味肉干》则是大集团连锁店,由总裁甄美美率领。《美味肉干》用机器做肉干,工厂一切有条 不紊,公司气氛天下太平,凡是以和为贵。《美味肉干》注重宣传与包装,把大部分的生意都抢到 手,硬要把《好汉肉干》赶尽杀绝。 偏偏《好汉肉干》有如一只打不死的蟑螂,靠着‚家传秘方‛锁住一群老顾客。江湖传言,《美味 肉干》最成功,但《好汉肉干》最好吃。

这点让好胜的甄美美感到愤愤不平。新娱乐城主办‚新肉干大王‛比赛,胜利者可在娱乐城里开设分店。《美味肉干》与《好汉肉干》决定争夺新肉干大王名衔。为取得胜利,甄美美暗派最小的养女甄圆圆乔装成男人,进入《好汉肉 干》当卧底,偷取陈好的‚家传秘方‛。

可是,阿嬷竟然闹失踪,不知何故竟躲进了一家老人院。最后,Phua Chu Kang竟然被控上谋杀的罪名,到底Phua Chu Kang能不能洗脱罪名,和家人团聚呢?