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Death Trip



Da Wei has arranged a trip in Malaysia to celebrate his girlfriend Xiao Qi’s promotion, he also plans to propose to her during the trip. He decides to travel around all the natural sceneries, tropical forest and beautiful beaches for an unforgettable trip.

In a rainy night, they almost hit a girl who is waiting for hitchhiking. Da Wei and Xiao Qi find out that this pretty yet mysterious Miyeon is also traveling around Malaysia, so they asked her to join their trip. But soon strange things begin to happened, people around them die accidentally every time when Miyeon was missing.

This beautiful stranger causes Da Wei and Xiao Qi to tear apart, she accuses that Da Wei molested her and persuades Xiao Qi to leave Da Wei, and they both drive away… thrilling journey begins here.



Miyeon的出现开始导致这对蜜月情侣之间有了裂痕,她诬赖大伟 开始挑拨晓琪跟大伟的感情,甚至用计制造大伟要非礼她的假象,最后终于说服晓琪甩掉大伟,与她俩人独自开车离去…惊悚致命的旅程就此展开。