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The Movie


PASKAL The Movie is a story of the Royal Malaysian Navy (Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia, TLDM) which inspired by two real events. One was formed by the United Nations Angola Verification Mission II in 1998 (UNIVEM II) and the Somali piracy incident in 2011. The story described about an illustrious service history of Lieutenant Commander Arman Anwar who is a Special Force PASKAL Operative of Royal Malaysian Navy. Having lost Arman’s father to the same cause, his mother has always been bitter about Arman’s choices and predicament. In one of his dangerous mission, one of his teammate died and another one was dismissed. After two years, when Arman decided to ask for transfer he is needed for one last mission that would change his life forever.

PASKAL The Movie受启于马来西亚皇家海军 (Tentera Laut Diraja Malaysia, TLDM) 的两个真实事件。一个由1998年第二期联合国安哥拉核查团 (UNIVEM II)及2011年索马里海盗事件形成。故事写述海军少校阿曼安华是一名战绩辉煌的马来西亚皇家海军特种作战部队成员。自从他的父亲为国捐躯之后,他的母亲一直以来都很反对阿曼从军。在一次任务里,阿曼丧失了一位同袍。续两年后,阿曼执行索马里任务后并决定从此退出军队。当他下定决心的同时,阿曼接到了即将改变他人生的最后一个任务。