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The Wedding Diary



It was a Wei Jie's wedding day, but it was a bad day for him too! In the process of putting the wedding together, he has been exhausted and way too far over his budget! As the son of a fisherman in Penang, he is actually going to marry a daughter of a Singapore property developer - Tina Chong.

To prevent her parents in looking down upon Wei Jie, he declared himself having the ability to marry Tina by holding a grand wedding ceremony.

During the pre wedding arrangement, his expenses went over budget by spending on red tape and items needed in following the traditional wedding customs. Going through each events, his brain functions like a cash register. In his mind the cost of each items adds up in total and freaks himself up.

Weijie did not tell the difficulties to Tine due to self-esteem issues, whereas he was being convinced by Jeremy for gambling game, which brings him the worse result - losing all the money.