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The Golden Couple



Spark (by Mike He) is a good looking, charming yet a talented guy. His reputation lands him a job in advertising industry that made him a wealthy man. With his earning ability, Spark started to spend without knowing his limitation.

Even to an extent when he can't clear all his credit card debts but he still believes that he can afford to have the best quality lifestyle. When Spark met Jackie (by Fiona Xie), a beautiful successful young business lady from a wealthy family.

Spark falls in love with Jackie, but instead of romance, her existence leads up to Spark's financial problems and sets off the crisis of his life...


当Spark遇到了来自富裕家庭,又事业有成的Jackie, 立刻就对她产生了好感。地产大腕急需一个创意做推广宣传,Spark在与对手Jackie的竞标中意外落败。