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Introduction 公司介绍

Company Building Outlook

Asia Tropical Films Sdn Bhd. was established in 2008. It is a Malaysian Film production company that characterizes practical and creative ideals with an edge in its resources that are multinational, diversified and professional.

Our core business is in the production of films in various genres, while providing one-stop professional film production services that encompasses film and commercials production, television drama series, talk/game show, marketing plan conception, filming investments, film distribution, etc.

Due to the superiority of out pool of resources, we have had vast joint venture experiences with filmmakers from around the region. This contributes hugely to our efforts to take filmmaking to a new level, both locally and regionally. With an operational model that is built upon experience and a servicing module based on excellence, professionalism and perfectionism, we aim to create a comprehensive filmmaking platform.

With the best Malaysian resources at our disposal, our team of experiences filmmaking professionals of capable of delivering the best possible in film production, Even in pre- and post-production phases, while providing tailor-made professional consultancy and comprehensives. Moreover, our close ties with local media and government agencies ensure that our endeavor in promoting the nascent Chinese film market of Malaysia us relentless.

Asia Tropical Films Sdn. Bhd. welcomes film producers of all scales, independent or labeled, to join hands with us in producing works of all genres, to keep the passion burning, and to contribute towards the interflow of filming cultures, locally and internationally.

阿细亚热带电影有限公司成立于2008年。是马来西亚一家以国际化、多元化、专业化资源平台为优势,以务实、 创新理念为特色的专业影视制作机构。



我们拥有一班具有专业水平,丰富经验的制作班底及拍摄队伍,绝对可以为客户提供各类在马来西亚拍摄的优质资源,供给不同的工作性质所需求的专业咨询和全 方位服务。此外,我们与本土的媒体以及政府部门都有着良好密切的业务关系与合作,不遗余力的推动尚在萌芽中的马来西亚中文电影市埸。

阿细亚热带电影有限公司非常欢迎各大影视制作公司、自由创作人及制作人一同来携手制作出更多元化类型的影视作品,延伸我们对影视制作的热忱,共同为增进 海内外的影视文化交流做出重大贡献。